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Fiber Facts is a FREE telecommunications technology tutorial from   dB Levels, Inc., a Texas Corporation.

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OUR MISSION:  To ignite within students a desire for knowledge of science, equipping them for  success in the modern era.   

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With Every Telephone Call you join a 32,256-Member Party Line

During a cellular or traditional phone call your voice is mixed in with 32,256 other conversations, and then transported around the world at the speed of light  through optical fibers that are about the size of a human hair.   However, since your voices don't actually use the fiber at exactly the same moment in time, you never hear the other 32,255 callers.  But how is this possible?

Suppose you  mark a large X on the ground at the foot of Mount Rushmore, allowing  32,256 people to line up and take turns standing on the spot to view a bird as it glides slowly across the face of the mountain.  Your only rule is that, since only one person at a time can occupy the space over the X spot, they must move quickly enough so that each of the 32,256 people can view the mountain 8,000 times every second so as they scroll through the line, they never miss a foot of the birds flight.  Sounds impossible, doesn't it?  Yet that's exactly how your voice gets transmitted over the optical fiber!  In fact, newer transmission methods have bumped that number to 129,024 simultaneous calls in a fiber optic system; every second of every day.  That would be like building a four-story deck at Mount Rushmore, allowing four lines of 32,256 people to each pass 8,000 times per second!

Our FREE Fiber Facts Telecommunications Technology Tutorial will discuss how optical fibers are manufactured and employed for worldwide communications of voice, video and data connections; how your voice is able to mix in the fiber with many others, yet not interfere with them;   replay an actual event recorded where two optical fiber ends are joined by fusion splicing; reveal how to obtain a sample strand of optical fiber just like telephone and cable companies use in modern networks.

These and more questions answered in this tutorial, including experiments that can be performed with household items to help students grasp complex issues. 

Best of all, this tutorial is FREE and appropriate (safe) for all ages!

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Fiber Strand Offer

Receive a 12-inch strand of actual Single-Mode, telecommunications-grade optical fiber as used in telephone and cable TV networks.

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